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Starboard Futura 2009

Starboard Futura 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard

The Starboard Futura went through many hours of research, development and extensive testing before hitting the market. And we must say that Starboard has done a great job, and the Futura is one of the most reliable and efficient freeride boards available today.

For 2009 Starboard has chosen an ergonomic shape, with a wider profile, to assure that even a heavier rider is supported. The balanced volume distribution and wide outline combined with a deeper curve between the foot area make the board very stable in all wind and wave conditions. The tail is quite narrow and the along with the lowered tip provides a massive power boost which drastically improve acceleration and top speed. The fins can be tuned for maximum power and the iSonic rocker lines assure intense speeds. Additional velocity is gained through the use of new tail cutaways. Due to this feature the Futura has great traction and almost no drag. It offers an uncompromised extreme speed glide. The board is easy to power up even in light wind and offers a constant speed at all times. The pressure point is oriented towards the back f the board and the together with the deeper concave hull design offers extra maneuverability. The rider has a direct and responsive control and can tackle any wave without any effort at all. The Starboard Futura turns and rotates very fast but remains predictable and easy to handle. The domed deck and soft, flexible foot straps assure increased comfort. Depending on the rider’s choice the foot straps can be adjusted for inboard or outboard riding.

The board is based on a thin construction to minimize friction and increase the grip. Fast, accurate and extremely easy to maneuver, the Starboard Futura offers nice carves and jibes, maximum stability and top velocity. It is one of the most versatile freeride boards ever. To cover a wide weight range, it comes in 93 to 155 liters volume and 61.5x237.5 to 85x249 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance, Starboard recommends Drake Freeslalom Swift or Drake R13 Race fins and a 4.0 to 10.5 meters wide sail.