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Starboard Gemini MK II 2012

Starboard Gemini MK II 2012

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

384L: 399x100.5 cm


Starboard team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. The new 2012 board series is engineered using the latest technology and covers all styles and riding skills. The new Gemini MK II board is especially crafted for Tandem windsurfing. This amazing board can be use by two riders and with two sails at the same time. It is perfect for experiencing an exciting drive together with your friends or for teaching purposes. Think how easy it must be for an instructor to have his novice riders by his side and teach them the secrets of windsurfing right on the waves.

The board features a longer shape which generates a smooth glide and assures increased longitudinal stability. The longer outline also improves the planning ability of the board. The flatter and longer rocker assures a good speed and quick acceleration when needed. It also assures excellent control when the board is piloted by two riders. Starboard has added more space between the sails, to make sure that the riders can tuck and jibe without crashing their sails one into another. A new daggerboard system can be operated by the front rider.

Due to the forward position of the daggerboard, the Gemini MK II has better upwind tracking abilities. The upwind angle and speed are significantly improved in both planning and non planning conditions. The board features a special Contour Deck which assures excellent comfort for both riders. This deck also provides better grip for the feet. The Starboard Gemini MK II is constructed using a robust and light Tufskin technology. The board is perfect for all riders who want to share a unique windsurfing experience, as well as for windsurfing schools, camps and resorts.