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Starboard Go 2009

Starboard Go 2009

Board Type: Freestyle  Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

111 to 17l liters volume

Go Sport 111 to 144 liters volume.


The Go has a long history in Starboard’s windsurfing board lineup. It has proven itself as a very efficient and versatile board, so it had great success at all freeride lovers. Since the previous versions were so successful, Starboard has decided to continue the Go series for 2009.

The new board offers both performance and usability and suits perfectly beginner and advanced riders alike. The wider shape and slim profile provide a large surface for early planning and increase stability and grip. Every model has individual characteristics, depending on volume and size. Larger models provide extra floatability and stability and are great for first time users and beginners, while smaller size models are more hydrodynamic and great for a fast to extreme freeride. The Starboard Go features side cuts as well as tail cutaways to maximize the power release and offer plenty of speed. Also the power of the board can be adjusted using the different insert positions. Less power and extra stability for the beginner and novice and full power for the hardcore rider.

Depending on the construction, the Starboard Go is available in two versions: Go and Go Sport. The first version has a full EVA deck to maximize comfort and offer a soft surface for the beginner rider, while the Go Sport does not have the EVA deck anymore, to reduce weight. The Sport model is more agile and offers increased acceleration and faster turns and rotations. The domed deck assures that the rider stays comfortable and can easily control the board. The concave hull design and the back oriented pressure point make the board stable even in gusty wind or wave conditions and offer responsive and accurate control.

To balance the weight to durability ratio and to optimize the tensile strength Starboard has constructed the Go on a Tufskin AST technology. The Go standard comes in 111 to 17l liters volume and the Go Sport in 111 to 144 liters volume. For optimal performance it is recommended that the board should be used with Drake Freeslalom Swift or Drake R13 Race fins and a 5.0 to 11.0 meters wide sail.