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Starboard iSonic 2011

Starboard iSonic 2011

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

80L: 243x56.5 cm

87L: 243x56.5 cm

90L: 241x60 cm

97L: 234x64 cm

107L: 235x68.5 cm

117L: 232x75 cm

117L: 228x80.5 cm - Wide

127L: 228x85 cm

137L: 231x85 cm



The new 2011 boards introduced by Starboard are crafted using the latest technology and the best fabrics. They are engineered according to the highest quality standards and are intended to offer the best performance in their class. The iSonic is one of the most versatile slalom racing boards ever. The 2011 model borrows successful features from previous iSonic versions, but it is further tuned to offer better overall performance. The iSonic boards are available in Wood and Wood Carbon editions and offer amazing speed and blistering acceleration.

The board features deeper deck concaves which lower the center of gravity to minimize swing weight and keep the board steady at high speed. This feature also allows the rider to move the mast track back and increase top speed and acceleration without affecting maneuverability. Even at top speed the board is very easy to control. Harder rail edges in the tail area provide a quicker and cleaner release to maximize the board’s top speed and early planning potential. At the same time the high aspect ratio of the planning surface significantly improves bottom end efficiency. Starboard has used an Individual Cutaway Trimming system when it has designed the iSonics to make sure that every board model has minimal friction with water and offers excellent top end potential. This feature also provides very responsive feedback to rider input.

The innovative Snug Strap Positioning allows the rider to adjust pitch and roll better at top speed. The Starboard iSonic is also available in a Wide version. This board is especially optimized to deliver top control in high winds conditions. The iSonic features a flat V or Flat V to Double Concave to Flat V bottom shape depending on size. This bottom design works together with the board outline to provide a very smooth glide and excellent stability. The Starboard iSonic is always ready to win a Slalom racing competition when it is piloted by an experienced rider.

Starboard iSonic 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Starboard iSonic 2011 Reviewed on Dec 23rd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The iSonic is a quick and sporty slalom board. As soon as it gets on a plane it offers you incredible speed. The board blasts like a train in a straight line and goes upwind easily. The thicker rails give you a good control and high speed. The board...more