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Starboard Kode 2011

Starboard Kode 2011

Board Type: Freeride  Freestyle  Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

68L: 228x53.5 cm

74L: 234x54 cm

80L: 232x56 cm

86L: 237x58.5 cm

94L: 237x60.5 cm

103L: 237x64.5 cm

113L: 237x68 cm

123L: 236x72 cm


The new Kode boards introduced by Starboard in 2011 are versatile wave and freestyle machines. The boards are crafted using a new shaping technology which offers a perfect mix of power and control. The Kode is available in three editions: Wood, Wood Carbon and Technora. Wood Kodes are extremely light and crisp, Wood Carbon modes are lighter and stiffer, while Technora ones are the most durable and are available for a very competitive price. The latter features tough Technora reinforcements in critical areas and can be used in extreme surf conditions without hassle.

Wood models are protected by a special UV film against UV light damage. The smaller Kode boards use a Flat V to Double Concave bottom design, while the other modes a simple Flat V bottom. This special shape assures a fluid and fast glide and provides better stability out on the waves. This bottom shape also assures a better drive by optimizing the angle of attack when the rider performs fast carves.  The thinner rails in the middle section make the board more aggressive and provide better control for hardcore wave riders.

The board is not only powerful and fast. The new Sponge Pads provide excellent comfort and grip during the ride. The fish-scale grooved EVA skin of the pads also assures better traction and release. Smaller Kode models use a fast rocker line and offer a fast speed when sailing the waves. They are also reliable freestyle and bump and jump boards. The middle sized Kodes pack more tail volume and more pop. They are a bit more aggressive and perfect for dedicated freestylers. Larger Kodes are perfect for freestyle and wave riding, as well as for freeride. They also work fine in marginal wind conditions and have impressive early planning abilities.

Starboard Kode 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Starboard Kode 2011 Reviewed on Dec 23rd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A fast transitional board. Can be used in bump and jump conditions and waves without fuss. It feels balanced and light on the lip of the wave. It has quite some volume, but it moves loose on the water. The Kode runs particularly smooth in coastal wat...more