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Starboard Phantom Race 2011

Starboard Phantom Race 2011

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

260L: 320x71 cm

303L: 379x69.5 cm


Speed sailing grows more and more popular these days. Lots of hardcore and experience riders love high speed races and need powerful boards to complement their amazing skills. Starboard has designed the new 2011 Phantom Race especially for speed addicts. The board is developed by Mariano Reutemann, Remi Vila and Svein Rasmussen and it offers extraordinary performance. The board is available in two sizes: 380 and 320. The Starboard Phantom Race 380 available in Carbon and Technora editions.

Carbon Phantoms are lighter and more agile, while Technora ones are more durable and can handle tough surf conditions with ease. The Phantom 320 Is constructed using a Tufskin AST structure. The Phantom boards are equipped with a new daggerboard system which is very easy to operate and significantly improves overall performance. The board features a lower nose rocker which assures a faster speed and quick acceleration. At the same time, the extra V in the nose assures a smoother glide and improves lightwind performance. The new rocker allows the rider to tackle the waves at a more efficient angle of attack. The heel extensions on the deck improve the rider’s leverage over the daggerboard and fin and provide extra power and better upwind potential.

There are minor differences between the Phantom 380 and 320, apart from the construction technology. The 380 model features a flat V bottom shape, while the 320 one features a Flat V to Double Concave to Flat V bottom design. The Phantom 320 is more compact and can be sued in higher winds to reach incredible speeds. Both Phantom Race models are powerful weapons when they are piloted by experienced riders.