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Starboard Phantom Race 2012

Starboard Phantom Race 2012

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

260L: 320x71 cm

263L: 377x67 cm




The 2012 Phantom Race is one of the fastest boards crafted by Starboard. The board is designed by Mariano Reutemann, Remi Vila and Svein Rasmussen and offers performance close to perfection. The board is constructed using a full PVC sandwich and biaxial Carbon technology which assures a very light and robust structure. The Phantom Race is also available in Technora edition. This board is engineered using a full PVC and glass fiber sandwich structure plus Technora reinforcements in critical areas.

The Technora fabrics are more durable than Carbon and make the board much more resistant to powerful impacts. The board features a hydrodynamic shape which assures a fast and drag free glide. A special deck shape, featuring heel extensions, allows the rider to obtain better leverage over the daggerboard and fin. This way, the rider is provided with extra power and can attack the waves at a better upwind angle. Starboard has used a lower nose rocker line, to make sure that the Phantom Race has a good acceleration and top speed, and it is able to run fast in marginal wind conditions. Due to this rocker line the board is fast in both light and high winds and has an unmatched control. The rider can perform advanced technical moves without problems.

The Phantom Race features an extra nose V which allows the rider to tackle the waves at a better attack angle and optimizes the water flow. The Phantom Race is also available in a compact version: Phantom Race 320. This board model uses a special rocker and V in the nose, which match the exact proportions of the outline. The Phantom Race 320 is constructed using a Tufskin AST technology.