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Starboard Serenity Catamaran 2010

Starboard Serenity Catamaran 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

175 x 460 cm


Starboard windsurfing board series for 2010 feature new technology and new concepts and are created after extensive research and design and then carefully tested before hitting the market.

The Serenity Catamaran features a completely new design and technology and seems more like a concept board than a real one. As the name states, it is constructed using the shape and pattern of the high speed and competition boat. It really looks like a scaled down catamaran boat, but it is a true windsurfing board created for fun and good time out on the waves. This unusual shape combined with the ultra stable and ultra floatable profile can carry up to two light to medium weight sailors at once. Although it is quite large the Starboard Cat is quite fast and can reach decent speeds even in light winds. You will not perform high jumps and extreme moves with the Catamaran, but you will definitely enjoy a comfortable and fun ride. The twin round hull shape makes the Serenity Cat accelerate quickly and run at a constant speed. Raised sections of the upper deck and iDO inserts make the board very maneuverable and easy to steer out on the water. It may seem a big and heavy board, but once it is set on the water the Starboard Serenity Catamaran becomes very light and agile. It has an accurate and direct control and it is very responsive to any command.

Need more to have a great recreational ride? Don’t worry, because you can take your beer or soda can with you and store it in the cup holder. Also it has a water proof compartment where you can safely put your phone, wallet or anything you desire. Fun, easy to ride and definitely offering a new vision of the classic boards, the Starboard Catamaran is one of the most innovative experiments that the famous manufacturer has made.