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Starboard UltraSonic 2011

Starboard UltraSonic 2011

Board Type: Slalom
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

147L: 240x93.2 cm


A new series of Starboard windsurfing machines is ready to revolutionize the scene of this wonderful sport in 2011. The new board models are engineered using a new shaping technology which makes them more versatile and reliable than ever. If you are looking for a fast and accurate slalom board which you can use in marginal wind conditions, the new UltraSonic is perfect for you. The UltraSonic not only that runs incredible fast in light winds, but it also has astonishing early planning potential. The board features a wider and thinner profile.

This hydrodynamic profile increases overall stability and makes the board very responsive and accurate. Comfortable rails under the footstraps allow the rider to experience a very relaxed drive at high speeds. At the same time, the harder rail edge increases the board’s top speed and generates a quick acceleration. A longer nose outline makes the board steadier and improves planning performance. This feature also assures that the rider can perform nice tacks and jibes.

The Starboard UltraSonic is engineered using a deeper deck concave shape which lowers the center of gravity to provide accurate control and improve steering response. This feature also makes the boar reactive and reliable in high winds. The board has no gap between the sail and deck, and mast track can be positioned back to provide extra speed without affecting overall control. The Starboard UltraSonic is available in Wood and Carbon editions. Wood offers a balanced weight, strength and control ratio, while Carbon generates a very light and stiff structure which provides powerful acceleration.

Starboard UltraSonic 2011 Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Starboard UltraSonic 2011 Reviewed on Mar 7th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

easy to use, early planning, support 11m with not so long fin than formula, with better speed for less work

Starboard UltraSonic 2011 Reviewed on Dec 23rd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The UltraSonic starts planning even if you are underpowered. It is a wide board and has a powerful fin which get you planning quickly and running fast upwind. It can easily support huge sails and can be used as a Formula board. It has good control at...more