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Tabou 3S 2009

Tabou 3S 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle  Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou

Tabou windsurfing boards are not only highly efficient, but can also suit a multitude of styles and riders. The 3S is intended to deliver 3 in 1 performance and went through extensive research and development before hitting the market. It blends power, speed and maneuverability, but above all it mixes perfectly the features of a freestyle, wave and freeride board into a unique windsurfing platform. Any rider looking for a fast speed or for extreme tricks will find all he needs in the new 2009 Tabou 3S.

The board comes in standard edition or limited edition, which is snappier and lighter. Standard Edition is built on a Glass PWC sandwich technology, while LTD edition uses a Biax Carbon and PVC structure. A narrower shape with refined and compact outlines permits the board to run very fast and perform any bump and jump trick or freestyle move easily. Smaller size models use a conventional tail and have less volume for extra maneuverability, while larger ones are constructed on a dual tail technology which optimizes water release and delivers extra power for hardcore moves and high jumps. An enhanced rocker line allows the rider to experience an incredible top speed and also maximizes the acceleration and early planning capabilities of the board. The board is very agile and dynamic, therefore it is best suited for an intermediate rider looking to progress or for an advanced or experienced one. Although powerful and fast, the Tabou 3S is forgiving in the maneuvers. The sailor can turn and twist as fast and tight as he wishes, without worrying about losing control even for a second. Maximum comfort during the whole session is assured by the soft and easy adjustable foot straps and the anti twist screw washer.

Fast, powerful and reliable, the Tabou 3S performs great for freestyle, freeride or wave riding lovers. It comes in 76 to 107 liters volume and 57x232 to 66x237 centimeters sizes and for optimal efficiency a 3.3 up to 7.0 wide meters sail should be attached.