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Tabou Da Curve 2008

Tabou Da Curve 2008

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

Volume: 67L, 73L, 79L, 85L

Size: 51.5x227cm, 52.5x233cm, 53.5x236cm, 56x239cm


The 2008 Tabou windsurfing board may not be very extensive, but it is surely impressive. The boards went through extensive research and development before being released on the market, and the well known manufacturer has made sure they will meet even the most demanding needs of any windsurfer out there. The 2008 Da Curve is such a board, and mixes power with maneuverability to take wave riding to a whole new level.

The board is slightly narrower and has a compact outline which allows it to run fast and smooth, while it increases handling at the same time. The volume is well balanced, and slightly increased in the front area to allow the rider to tackle any wave fast and without effort. A wider nose and a narrowed tail assure that the Tabou Da Curve takes maximum advantage of the water flow and has a nice power release for carves, turns or speed. The fast rocker line used by Tabou significantly increases the speed as well as the acceleration capabilities. The board features the innovative Triple Curve Rocker Line for extra speed and control. The Accentuated V design of the bottom optimizes the water release and makes the board very stable in turns and twists. The new Razor rails assure that the rider is in absolute control and can perform fast and tight turns and rotations or any other trick fast and with no effort at all.

No matter what the wave and wind conditions are, the Tabou Da Curve is always fast, accurate and reliable. It performs great carves, reaches an intense speed and is super controllable, it truly has all it takes to offer an excellent eave riding session. It comes in two versions, the Team Edition which is lighter and Heavy Duty Edition which is extra durable. For top performance Tabou recommends that Da Curve should be used with a 3.0 up to 6.0 square meters sail, depending on volume and size.