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Tabou Manta 2008

Tabou Manta 2008

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

63 to 125 liters volume and 49x222 to 79.5x236 centimeter sizes.


When it comes to competition racing, the Tabou team makes no compromise and develops only high performance boards. Pro riders and champs need extra versatility and power to finish any race in top positions. The new 2008 Manta has all it takes to assure a great slalom session. One thing you should know about the Manta is that it is not a board for everyone. The force it unleashes it awesome, and the board gets really aggressive when it is fully powered up, so it is not recommended for the novice and beginner riders. It is best suited for advanced and pro riders who are used to extreme riding and high speed racing.

A compact and hydrodynamic shape makes the board very agile and allows the rider to run fast and without drag through the waves. The fast rocker line provides extra top speed and enhanced the acceleration capabilities of the Manta. Once it reaches top speed, the board can maintain it constant for a long time. To increase power and top speed Tabou team has used the innovative an adjustable flap and vacuum release system. This system allows for a better air and water flow circulation along the board for an unmatched velocity. The board is not only fast but has also super maneuverability. The fuller rails allow the rider to control the board easily and without effort and also assure a smooth glide. The board has great traction and minimum friction to increase the acceleration and handling abilities. The tucked line on the bottom and the fuller deck provide extra stability at high speeds or in turns. No matter how fast a sailor cruises, the board is responsive and has a direct and accurate control.

If you are looking for a board that will help you win any race or slalom competition, look no more, because the Tabou Manta is your perfect choice. The board is available in 63 to 125 liters volume and 49x222 to 79.5x236 centimeter sizes and offers top performance when it is used with a 3.5 up to 11.5 meters wide sail.