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Tabou Manta 2011

Tabou Manta 2011

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:


63L: 222x49 cm

74L: 237x54 cm

86L: 233x59 cm


100L: 233x65 cm

110L: 233x69 cm

115L: 233x75 cm

125L: 233x79 cm

135L: 233x85 cm 


Tabou is one of the most renowned brands in windsurfing industry. All the gear crafted by their team offers top quality and performance. The 2011 Manta is one of the most reliable and versatile slalom and racing boards available today. Manta boards have always been fast and accurate, but the 2011 model is engineered using a new shaping and construction technology which improves its overall performance.

The board has an extremely dynamic, yet user friendly profile. It is ready to reach extreme speeds in matter of seconds and easy to handle at the same time. It is a perfect tool for pro and hardcore riders, as well as for less experienced ones who love speed sailing. The board uses a higher rocker line which provides extraordinary top speed and quick acceleration. This rocker line also assures unmatched control at higher speeds. The side bevel provides instant acceleration when needed. The full rails make the board a bit more forgiving and improve turning control. They also allow the rider to maneuver the board without effort.

The Manta features a forward double concave bottom shape. This special design assures increased stability and better grip. It also optimizes the water flow underneath the board to generate a very fluid and fast drive. This double concave bottom also suppresses the chop impact to keep the rider comfortable as he races around. Extra comfort is provided by the smooth EVA pads and easy adjustable straps. The Tabou manta is available in Standard and Team Pro Editions. The standard version is constructed using a Carbon Biax Sandwich technology, while the Team Pro edition is built using a full Carbon structure. The Manta Pro Edition is lighter and stiffer. It offers superior speed and maneuverability and it is perfect for pro riders.