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Tabou Manta FR 2010

Tabou Manta FR 2010

Board Type: Race  Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

Volume: 100L, 110L, 115L, 125L, 135L

Size: 65x233cm, 69x233cm, 75x233cm, 79x233cm, 85x233cm


The Manta and Manta Pro TE are among the best racing and freeracing boards available today. They blend perfectly speed and maneuverability to assure that any rider finishes the race in top positions. Since these two boards had a lot of success on the market, Tabou has decided to release one more model of this kind, the Manta FR.

The board is actually based on the shape of the Manta, but incorporates features from the structure of the Rocket LTD, a superb freeride board. The result is a super fast racing board with great freeride capabilities. The board has a wider shape and a compact profile to assure a smooth and fast ride in all conditions. This shape also allows a better control out in the waves. The board has plenty of volume proportionally distributed so it floats nice and is very stable. The extra volume also permits it to take advantage of the lightest wind blow to power up. The fast rocker line borrowed from the Manta assures that the Manta FR runs very fast and has an intense top speed. The board has a nice power release so once it is set on the water it accelerates and reaches top speed in no time. Once top speed is reached, the board can maintain it constant throughout the entire race. The board is not only fast but also very maneuverable. The foot straps are positions toward the center, so the rider has a responsive and accurate control. Even at the highest speed he is able to perform any maneuver without worrying about losing control even for a second. The steering and grip are enhanced by the G10 performance fin provided by Tabou.

Fast, powerful and accurate, the Tabou Manta FR best suits an intermediate rider, an advanced or a pro one. It is built on a Carbon PVC sandwich structure which makes it stiff and solid, but light at the same time. For maximum performance Tabou recommends that the Manta FR should be used with a 6.0 to 10.10 square meters sail, depending on volume and size.