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Tabou Rocket GT 2009

Tabou Rocket GT 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou

The Rocket and Rocket LTD are among the best freeride boards available today. Tabou team has put a lot of work, effort and passion in them to make sure that they will offer performance close to perfection. Both the Rocket and the LTD edition tend to get a bit aggressive when they are fully powered up so a novice or beginner sailor can feel quite uncomfortable riding them.

Especially for those type of riders, Tabou has released another Rocket mode, the GT. It is still powerful and fast, but very user friendly and easy to handle in any situation, so it is perfect for beginner and intermediate freeriders. Just like the other versions, the rocket GT has a wider shape and a compact profile to offer maximum maneuverability and a smooth glide. The ergonomic profile also increases acceleration and top speed. A slightly forward positioned widepoint allows the rider to turn the board easily and fast. The improved rocker line assures optimal traction and plenty of power as well as a nice speed. The great thing about the Tabou Rocket GT is that is remains easy to control and very forgiving even at top speed or when the sail is overpowered. The board has great grip and plenty of stability due to the double concave bottom design in the nose area. With this board the rider can perform any trick, or run as fast as he wishes without any worries. Even in the worse conditions, the Rocket GT is responsive and predictable. What makes the tabou Rocket GT different form the standard and LTD editions is the construction technology.

The GT is built on a Glass Wood sandwich structure which increases tensile strength and makes the board stiffer. This construction also makes the board more affordable. Just like the other versions, the GT comes in in 95 to 145 liters volume and 58x237 to 76x245 centimeters sizes and is best used with a 4.2 up to 9.8 square meters for top performance.