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Tabou Rocket LE 2008

Tabou Rocket LE 2008

Board Type: Freeride  Beginner
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

95 to 145 liters volume and 58x237 to 76x245 centimeters sizes.


The 2008 Rocket is one of Tabou’s most successful boards. It combines perfectly power and maneuverability to offer a superb freeride session. The board is great but it develops awesome power and can be too aggressive for a beginner rider who loves this style. Especially for this type of riders, The manufacturer has created the Rocket LE.

The board is still powerful but very user friendly and can be used by less experienced sailors without problems. The Rocket LE, just like the Rocket was designed by Tabou team together with SuperX world champ Matt Pritchard. The board is slightly wider and has a compact profile to assure a smooth and drag free cruise. This ergonomic shape also makes the board more maneuverable in choppy conditions. The volume is proportionally balanced to create a nice floatability and to allow the board sustain a heavier rider. Multiple foot straps positions allow the rider to set up the amount of power delivery to suit his needs. The board is quite fast and has a nice top speed due to the fast rocker line, which also improves acceleration and early planning abilities. The wider nose and narrower tail assure that the board offers optimal power release, so the rider can enjoy a fast glide or perform any trick without effort. The board is not only fast and powerful but also very easy to control. The double concave bottom shape assures maximum grip and increases stability. The rider can tackle any wave easy and with minimum impact force. No matter how fast and tight the Rocket Limited Edition turns and rotates, it remains stable and predictable.

Extra comfort during the whole session is provided by the easy adjustable, soft foot straps and the new heel shock absorbers. Fast, powerful, but easy to use, the Tabou Rocket LE is the perfect choice for beginner and experienced riders alike. It comes in 95 to 145 liters volume and 58x237 to 76x245 centimeters sizes and for optimal performance it should be used with a 4.2 to 9.8 meters wide sail.