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Tabou Windstyler 2009

Tabou Windstyler 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou

It is well known that Taboo boards are among the most efficient ones available, due to the hard work and passion that the team puts in the development of every model. Indeed, Taboo created boards that meet the most demanding needs of any rider and can perform great in any possible condition. The 2009 Windstyler is such a board, and it is here to shatter the idea that the days of long boards are gone.

The Windstyler is created to offer top performance in any wind condition. It will take you on a fast cruise when all the other sailors sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up, and it will offer the same efficiency in the strongest wind. You can have a fast cruise without even attaching an extra large sail. The wide profile featuring long and refined outlines enhances the board’s speed and offers a fast and smooth glide. Plenty of volume, proportional distributed assures maximum floatability and permits a heavier rider to use the board without problems. These features also makes the Windstyler take advantage of the lightest wind blow to power up and reach an impressive speed. The great thing about the Windstyler is that it is easy to maneuver and extra stable, so both beginner and advanced sailors can enjoy a great session out on the water. The board is agile and dynamic, but has a responsive and precise control. The rider can perform any move with little or no effort at all, and without losing grip even for a second.

The board comes in two models, the 170 liters volume and 70x295 centimeters one and the larger version, which comes in 220 liters volume and 72x325 centimeters sizes. Both models work great with a 2.0 up to 9.0 square meters sail and FR fins. Fast in light wind, safe and reliable in strong wind, the Tabou Windstyler will surely make any windsurfing session worth your while.