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Kanaha, Maui

Kanaha, Maui
Region: North America
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Do you want to enjoy some flat water blasting? You can do that at Kanaha. Do you want to ride in medium waves? You can do that at Kanaha. Do you want to ride in large waves? You can do that, you’ve guessed it, at Kanaha, a great windsurfing spot on the northern shore of Maui. This is a place that has it all, from flat water to waves, to freestyle conditions and shallow, sheltered areas ideal for the novice, and up to grassy rigging areas.

When a spot is incredibly good, and Kanaha definitely is, people tend to flock to that spot. This is the problem that plagues Kanaha – it is a bit crowded. Some may even say it is the most crowded windsurfing spot on the whole island of Maui. Fun fact – Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The winds in Maui blow from two directions. There’s the NE trade winds and the SW Kona winds. You can ride at Kanaha when the wind blows from the NE and when it blows from the SW.

In the summer the trade winds blow at 20 to 25 knots while in the winter they blow at 18 to 22 knots. The wind is better in the summer, especially from May until September, but the waves are better in the winter.

The main hazard you need to watch out for is the danger of hitting other riders or getting hit by other riders. As mentioned above, Kanaha can get pretty crowded. You should watch out for canoes as well. 

So to sum it up, Kanaha is a great place that has something to offer to riders of all levels; it has plenty to offer to those who want to have some fun in the sun and not windsurf. The downside is that it is such a spectacular spot that it gets a bit too crowded.

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