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Lanes Beach, Maui

Lanes Beach, Maui
Region: North America
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Lanes Beach is located on the northern shore of Maui, which, in case you don’t already know, is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and a properly good spot to enjoy all sorts of watersports, including windsurfing and kiteboarding. Lanes is located right in between Mama’s Beach and Ho'okipa, the legendary windsurfing spot.

Both Mama’s Beach and Lanes are nice options for the rider who’s on the lookout for an alternative to Ho'okipa. An alternative that is less crowded and with more forgiving waves (because the waves at Ho’okipa, awesome as they may look, can prove to be quite challenging).

You can ride at Mama’s Beach and at Lanes in the NE trade winds and in the SW Kona winds as well. The trade winds in Maui blow at 20 to 25 knots in the summer and 18 to 22 knots in the winter; there’s less wind, but better swell in the winter.

You need to watch out for the same hazards at Lanes and Mama’s Beach: corral reef, turtles, sharks, heavy waves.

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