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Gaastra Manic HD 2010

Gaastra Manic HD 2010

Sizes: 5.0 - 5.9  4.0 - 4.9  < 3.9
Sail type: Wave, Freestyle
Brand: Gaastra

Remember the Gaastra Manic? It had incredible performance and it was technologically enhanced to reach top speeds while maintaining a great stability and accurate control. Manic was a great success, but Gaastra has further developed and enhanced the Manic sail, so the new Version, the Manic HD is even more versatile and pushes windsurfing performance to a whole new level. Improvements like triangulated load bearing panel and Dacron luff panel increase the handling and stability in high waves.

Turn speed is also increased so it can deliver a smooth and comfortable control for jumping and acrobatic moves. Just like the Manic, it has instant power up and depower to keep the sailor in absolute control at all times. The sailor can now focus on riding the board and not worrying about steering issues. But the major feature that differentiates the Gaastra Manic HD from the classic Manic and from all other sail on the market is the rock solid construction.

The Manic HD is made from 100% highly durable X-ply fabrics, reinforced to take the worst possible punishment without any trace of damage. Although it is highly durable and reinforced, the Manic HD keeps a light weight and easy maneuverability to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience.