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Gaastra Plasma Technora 2008

Gaastra Plasma Technora 2008

Sail type: Freestyle, Freeride
Brand: Gaastra

The 2008 Plasma has it all. It is fast, powerful and offers a unique windsurfing experience. So what could Gaastra offer even more? The Gaastra Plasma Technora, the ultimate freeride and freestyle machine. The Technora offers the great performance and versatility of the Plasma, and goes beyond that, offering maximum efficiency out on the water. Like the standard version, the Gaastra Plasma Technora has a low aspect ratio and a twin cam system to lock the power very well for a faster glide and to deliver responsive and direct control. The advanced construction that is focused on ultimate aerodynamic features makes the Plasma Technora take advantage of the lightest wind blow to power up and reach top speeds.

The extreme performance of the sail is given by the high quality fabrics. It is built form Technora material, which is derived from Teijin fibers Dimension Polyant lamination technology. The unique fabrics drastically reduce the sail’s weight and significantly improve overall performance. The Plasma Technora runs at the speed of light and is easy to handle and control in any weather conditions.

Also, Technora fabrics are highly durable, and the Plasma Technora can take severe punishment without sustaining any damage. Another quality of the sail is that it runs silent at all times, no matter the how fast it moves or the wave and wind conditions.