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Gaastra Plasma Technora 2010

Gaastra Plasma Technora 2010

Sail type: Wave, Race, Freeride
Brand: Gaastra

The Plasma sail by Gaastra was a big success among all windsurfers. But the impressive features of the Plasma seem not to be enough for Gaastra team and they wish to push performance and versatility to another level with the Plasma Technora version.

Just as the classic Plasma, the Technora’s shape and design make it take advantage of every square inch of the sail to deliver a great power boost and top speeds in light winds. Low end power is also increased due to the short aspect ratio and longer boom for optimal performance and the triangulated load bearing panel keeps the weight to strength ratio well balanced. It also features the twin cam system combined with a deep cam shape design for increased control and handling. Enough with the similarities and let’s see what makes the Plasma Technora unique. Of course that the Technora Laminate fabrics which replace the film materials of the classic Plasma make it twice as light and deliver twice as more performance.

Flexibility is increased, as well as the stretch resistance and overall durability, while the weight is significantly lowered and additional performance is gained with the use of this material. The Gaastra Technora is available in 6.7, 7.5 and 8.3 meter sizes and several color schemes.