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Gaastra Poison 2008

Gaastra Poison 2008


Power and agility were the main focus of the Gaastra team when it has created the Poison windsurfing sail. And Gaastra has managed to do more than that and to create an extremely versatile and powerful sail, which takes bump and jump, freestyle and freeride to whole new levels. The Poison is flexible and easy to use, and the X-ply luff panel adds more stability and rigidity in high winds.

The overall power increased and well delivered by the use of a larger boom and the foot batten profile is flattened to make the Poison reach easily top speeds. The Poison is highly versatile and offers excellent control, but due to the intense power and high speed turns it delivers it is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders. In strong winds the sail powers up quickly and practically blasts through the waves. Vario or fixed head systems are combined with the no cam design to enhance handling and make the Poison highly responsive.

For wide wind range usability, the Gaastra Poison comes in 4.0 to 6.2 meter sizes. High stability and rock solid durability are provided by the use of a five battens configuration at all model sizes.