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Gaastra Vapor 2010

Gaastra Vapor 2010


Gaastra Vapor is the ultimate performance driven windsurfing race sail. Everything about the Vapor excels. Speed, maneuverability, stability, acceleration, power, are all taken to extreme levels with the Vapor. The full profile and a low aspect ratio design, combined with the innovative Inset Clew which gives the boom a shorter range develop high power up and maximize the acceleration of the sail in any wind or wave conditions. The head of the sail is slightly narrowed to increase control and handling when the sail reaches top speeds.

The overall shape is engineered for optimal stability and aerodynamics and features a new and wider luff panel as well as a fifth camber for larger size models. Depower options are available for safety measures while the weight to strength ratio is balanced with the use of a triangulated load bearing panel.

Vapor models are available in standard monofilm fabrics or Technora Laminate (Vapor TL) superior construction materials.  Other features like larger sock and neoprene boom opening fairing deliver additional accuracy and performance on the water.