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Gaastra Vapor Technora

Gaastra Vapor Technora 2010


Every windsurfer out there has heard or has tried the Gaastra Vapor. If you think the Vapor is excellent and offers top performance and versatility, we have something even better: take a look at the new Limited Edition Vapor Technora. The innovative technology features that made the Vapor a unique and top class sail are still present in the limited edition:  larger sock and neoprene boom opening fairing deliver additional accuracy and performance on the water, while the head of the sail is slightly narrowed to increase control and handling when the sail races at high speeds.

The unique Inset Clew and fifth camber system are at their place to increase overall stability and performance, as it is the lock in cam shape option.  But if the features and innovations that made the Vapor such a competitive sail are all present, than what does the Technora Limited Edition bring new?

Well, just as the name states, it is made from top quality Technora fabrics. And that is something if we take into consideration that is a whole lot lighter than monofilm and stronger than steel. Flexibility is increased, as well as the stretch resistance and overall durability, while the weight is significantly lowered and additional performance is gained with the use of this material.