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Hot Sails Micro Fire 2010

Hot Sails Micro Fire 2010

Sizes: < 3.9
Sail type: Wave, Freeride, Beginner
Brand: Hot Sails

The 2010 Micro Fire from Hot Sails Maui keeps the performance features of the Fire at a reduced size. The Micro Fire is designed for kids from three to twelve years old, with beginner intermediate or advanced windsurfing skills. The sail is user friendly, has accurate and responsive controls and it is incredible easy to set up due to the rigging system, which is available for both beginners and advanced sailors. The construction of the sail is robust and firm, and a light feeling is achieved through the use of high quality MNX5 X-ply fabrics. It has a marked boom, a new tack pulley and keeps a low tension for increased steering control and stability as well as for easy and fast rigging. The Hot Sails Micro fire is available in 0.8 to 3.7 meter sizes.

Hot Sails Micro Fire Features:

● Easy and quick rigging

● Rig systems for both advanced and novice sailors

● High quality construction

● Reinforced wearable parts

● Enhanced clew design

● EVA skid pad