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Hot Sails Microfreak 2010

Hot Sails Microfreak 2010

Sizes: < 3.9
Sail type: Wave, Freeride, Beginner
Brand: Hot Sails

Hot Sails encourages everyone to get into the waves and feel the adrenaline rush of high quality windsurfing. Children are not overlooked when it comes to performance, so the Hot Sails Team comes with an extremely easy to use and top performance sail designed especially for them: the Microfreak.

The versatility and performance delivered by a full size adult sail is taken to a smaller size to suit kids of all ages. The Microfreak has a full Dacron construction and is an all round sail, as it performs great in all wind and wave conditions, regardless of the rider’s skill level. The control and handling are enhanced through the use of overlapping panels, soft luffs and mini battens system. Additional stability and safety on the water is provided by a soft padded mast and full twist features. Hot Sails Microfreak is easy to use, has accurate and responsive controls and it is incredible easy to set up due to the rigging system, which is available for both beginners and advanced sailors.

It is the perfect choice for future windsurfing champions.