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Neil Pryde H2 2010

NeilPryde H2 2010

Sail type: Race, Freeride
Brand: NeilPryde

The new Neil Pryde 2010 H2 model is a classic V8 twin-cam sail and is probable one of the most versatile products of this type on the market. The H2 is enhanced to deliver extraordinary power and speed while maintaining a perfect control at all times. It performs just like a racing sail on the water, but the new tweaks added for 2010 make it safe, stable and easy to control in ant wind range. The innovative technology featuring a dynamic clew makes the profile feel very elastic and adjust the shape by the power of wind. The impressive stability is given by the six battens and the flex head batten design.

Due to the new design and the new technology the Neil Pryde has its place among the fastest and most reliable windsurfing sails. The size range of the H2 is between 6.2 and 9.2 meters and it is available in three color styles.