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Neil Pryde Helium 2010

NeilPryde Helium 2010


The Neil Pryde Helium is a highly versatile windsurfing sail designed to run smoothly and fast in the lowest wind conditions. The enhanced technology used by Neil Pryde optimizes every square inch of the sail to take maximum advantage of the wind conditions and power up the Helium. The twin-cam enhanced central to back oriented profile using a medium full curve makes the sail deliver a light tension and increased stability. Another unique innovation is the use of a Dynamic Compact Clew system which allows a responsive and advanced control of the Helium, even when it is overpowered.

The high performance of the sail in light wind is also a result of the flex head batten and 5 full battens design. The high quality monofilm fabrics keep the Helium light and easy to handle. The Neil Pryde Helium is one of the most powerful and fast freeride sails available on the market.