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Neil Pryde RS: Slalom MKIII

NeilPryde RS: Slalom MKIII 2010

Sail type: Slalom, Race
Brand: NeilPryde

Neil Pryde Slalom MKIII is designed for optimal performance on the water. This is a sail for experienced riders who do not fear incredible speeds or extreme moves. It is slightly faster that the RS: Racing, but the smaller sized luff pocket and the design with less cams and battens make it more stable in the wind and a whole lot easier to control. The advanced technology featuring the Neil Pryde UltraCam and DCC (the sail uses three UltraCams and the Dynamic Compact Clew system) enhance the sail’s aerodynamic features and deliver superb acceleration and top speed. Maneuverability is highly increased, while the drag stays low due to the use of a flexible tube connected to the head to allow it twist along horizontal or vertical axis.

Out on the water, the Slalom MKIII is not only powerful and fast, but also extremely accurate and stable, allowing the sailor enjoy the ride at the maximum and feel comfortable at all times.

The Neil Pryde is available in 5.0 to 9.5 meter sizes and it definitely takes slalom and freeride at a new level.