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Adam Sims Crowned EFPT Sailor of the Year

The EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) culminated with the King and Queen of the Wind in UK, and hosted a series of very spectacular events during 2012. The EFPT run a vote in order to give fans the chance to choose the top sailor of the year.

According to the vote, British windsurfer Adam Sims is the 2012 EFPT Sailor of the Year. Adam had an impressive evolution in the EFPT events and was also one of the key organizers of the Weymouth event this past year. His career as a windsurfer is stunning and he won prestigious titles like the 2011 UK Men’s Freestyle Champion, 2010 3rd Pro UK Men’s Freestyle Champion, 2010 British Amateur Wave Champion, 2009 Student Wave Champion and Student Freestyle Champion and more.

EFPT officials stated: “We had a fantastic time this year on the tour, there was a lot of support from the industry, the event organizers and the competitors themselves. The idea behind this competition was to help highlight the supporting industry brands of the EFPT and to promote the sailors and the tour through the public vote. We had a number of important characters from all over Europe within the draw, which saw almost 1,200 LIKES and 250 SHARES. Our final winner really deserved it due to his consistent and great overall result (8th place) but also for being a huge driving force as one of the organizers of the final EFPT stop in Weymouth, England. This was also a first for the UK and we hope to return there at the end of this year. Congratulations to all the nominees and competitors on this year’s European Freestyle Pro Tour.”