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Boards Presents Autumn / Winter Wave Annual 2012/13

After the huge success of the Spring / Summer print edition Boards is back with another cool magazine, or should we say ‘magazine’? The guys at Boards are thrilled to present you with 180 pages of wavesailing gold in the Boards Autumn / Winter Wave Annual 2012/13 issue. In the pages of the magazine, you can check out the art of travel, the rise of Philip Koster, gear tests and much, much more. It will also include information from Klitmoller and Sylt.

The magazine will hit the shelves and be available online starting with the 15th of October. Boards Windsurfing Magazine is a premier source of windsurfing information for the sport’s fans across the world. Don’t miss the Boards Autumn / Winter Wave Annual 2012/13.

Checkout the contents in the photo gallery below.