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Chasing the Dream Episode 3.75 Is Out

Yet another video has been released by DSpromotions as part of the Chasing the Dream series. Following in the footsteps of Episode 1 "A Dream within a Dream", Episode 2 "Success Comes in Gusts", Episode 3 "No Strings Attached", and "Episode Three Point Five", comes Episode 3.75 "GoPro Session".

Released to the web earlier this month, this is technically the 5th episode of the series – and it is listed below in the related videos section, alongside all the other episodes of the series. It’s worth checking out Episode 3.75 because in this episode Tabou and Gaastra –sponsored rider Day Scheffers goes big – bigger than ever before.

The PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) had big words of praise for this latest episode. The association said this is “an unbelievable clip that you simply can’t take your eyes off of.” With praise like that , you have to see it.

Via Chasing the Dream, pro riders Davy Scheffers and Remko de Zeeuw want to promote freestyle windsurfing. The trailer was just a teaser of what the series is all about. The first episode presented Davy Scheffers at his local spot and at a secret spot in the south of Holland. The second episode presented Davy and the film crew hunting for the ultimate secret freestyle spot. Shot in Brazil, episode number three took a philosophical and lifestyle approach while episode number four presented Davy traveling and preparing for the PWA Freestyle Tour. And the recently released fifth episode is a must see video that presents Davy going higher than before, pulling double burner funnels, flaka-shaka-flakas, ankle dry spock-culos, and other cool moves – including a bunch of spectacular crashes.