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How John Skye Rigs RRD's New Wave Sail

Italian windsurfing equipment manufacturer RRD has a new 4 batten wave sail to offer. The sail in question is called The Four. It is described by the manufacturer as a lighter, softer and more forgiving type of wave sail, a sail that is easy to trim and holds lots of wind while remaining balanced.

The news is that if RRD has recently released a video that explains how to right the sail. And more to the point, RRD has released a video in which pro windsurfer John “Skyeboy” Skye explains how he rigs the sail for all conditions.

To view the video just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.
To find out more about The Four sail visit the official RRD site by clicking this link and read a review right here on Epikoo by clicking this link.