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KIA @coldhawaii World Cup: Day Four, Super Session

With the wind still going strong and the waves still going high, the organizers decided to hold a supper-session on day four of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup. The Surf Magazin Super Session kicked of at 2PM. The judges explained to the riders how it would go down: the competitors would be split into two heats of ten men each; twenty minutes would be allocated to each rider and the five who would pull the most extreme jumps would move on to the final. 

The competitors announced that the prize purse for the supper-session consisted of three iPads. And they added that if a competitor would pull a triple loop, that competitor would win all three iPads. In case you were wondering, nobody pulled a triple loop.

After completing heat 1, the ones to advance were Philip Köster, Victor Fernandez Lopez, Adam Lewis, Marcilio Browne, and Eleazar Alonso Sanchez. And after completing heat 2, the ones to advance to the final were Ricardo Campello, Jules Denel, Kauli Seadi, Alex Mussolini, and Leon Jamaer. In the final, the rider who impressed the judges the most was Ricardo Campello. He performed a super high and perfect pushloop forward, was awarded 12 points, and claimed the number one spot on the podium. Philip Köster took the second spot on the podium, and Victor Fernandez Lopez took third place.

Results of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup Surf Magazin Super Session

  • 1 – Ricardo Campello
  • 2 – Philip Köster
  • 3 – Victor Fernandez Lopez.

The happy winners of the super session.