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KIA @coldhawaii World Cup: Day Seven, Köster Crowned

We’ve known that Philip Köster claimed the World Champion title at the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup since day three when the double elimination was completed. The thing is that he wasn’t official crowned until day seven. A very happy Philip Köster stood on the top step of the podium, followed by Ricardo Campello in 2nd place and Victor Fernandez Lopez in third.

“Cold Hawaii fits my style perfectly. I did what I felt like out there, and it was fun. It was tricky conditions, but the day of the finals we had such a good day. I found every wave out there, and could just jump when I wanted. Cold Hawaii is a really great place and I would also come here to train. It’s perfect here,” said Philip Köster after being crowned World Champion. Since he’s 17, he is by the way, the youngest World Champion in history.

Here are the complete results of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup:

  • 1st - Philip Köster
  • 2nd - Ricardo Campello
  • 3rd - Victor Fernandez Lopez
  • 4th - Thomas Traversa
  • 5th - Kauli Seadi
  • 6th - Kenneth Danielsen
  • 7th - Kevin Mevissen
  • 7th - Daniel Bruch
  • 9th - Ross Williams
  • 9th - John Skye
  • 9th - Phil Horrocks
  • 9th - Dario Ojeda

The KIA @coldhawaii World Cup was the second to last event on the PWA World Tour schedule. Next up is the wave, freestyle and slalom event that will take place in Sylt, Germany, from September 23 to October 2. Everything about this event is big: it is the largest event on the calendar, it attracts more than 200,000 spectators, it has a prize purse of €105,000.