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KIA @coldhawaii World Cup: Day Six, King of Kia Contest

After showing off their wave riding skills and their SUP skills, on day six of the KIA @coldhawaii competition the riders got to show off their strength. On day six the King of Kia contest was held, and it went like this: the PWA riders got to pull a Kia Sportage for a distance of 20 meters (about 65 feet). The one who managed to pull the car the fastest, won the competition. It must be mentioned here that the King of Kia competition was open to PWA riders, PWA judges, and the organizers of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup.

A grand total of four PWA riders, one PWA judge and one event organizer took part in the competition. Here’s how they faired up. Or to put it in other words, here are the times the competitors scored:

  • Dario Ojeda – 27.42 seconds
  • Alex Sanllehy – 22.21 seconds
  • Dany Bruch – 24.08 seconds
  • Thijs van der Meer (PWA Judge) – 21.91 seconds
  • Rasmus Johnsen (event organizer) – 20.11 seconds

Ricardo Campello also took part in the competition, and even though he claimed out loud that he was born ready, he couldn’t get a better time than Thijs van der Meer.

Thijs van der Meer and Rasmus Johnsen were then pit against one another. Thijs van der Meer got a time of 20.24 seconds while Rasmus Johnsen got a time of 21.28 seconds. The winner of the King of KIA competition then is PWA Judge Thijs van der Meer. He pulled the 1830kg KIA Sportage the fastest, in little over twenty seconds. For all his hard work he won a brand new iPad 2.

“I had loads of carbs last night, and I think it enhanced my performance, I am really happy with the win. I am going to give it to my mother as a present,” said Thijs van der Meer in an interview with the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association).