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KIA @coldhawaii World Cup: Day Three, Köster Makes a Comeback

If you have been following the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup you will remember that on day two of the competition the single elimination was completed and that the top three riders were Ricardo Campello (1st), Victor Fernandez Lopez (2nd), and Philip Köster (3rd). You will also remember that on day two all but the final eight heats of the double elimination were completed.

The news is that on day three of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup, the double elimination was completed – and Philip Köster mad a comeback, winning the double elimination and winning the 2011 Men’s World Wave Champion title.

Here are the results of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup:

  • 1st - Philip Köster
  • 2nd - Ricardo Campello
  • 3rd - Victor Fernandez Lopez
  • 4th - Thomas Traversa
  • 5th - Kauli Seadi
  • 6th - Kenneth Danielsen
  • 7th - Kevin Mevissen
  • 7th - Daniel Bruch
  • 9th - Ross Williams
  • 9th - John Skye
  • 9th - Phil Horrocks
  • 9th - Dario Ojeda

The PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) caught up with Philip Köster and asked him what it’s like to be Wave World Champion. Here is what Philip Köster had to say:

“I feel amazing, I can’t believe it, it’s a dream come true. I am so happy I have won another event and now I am the world champion. I can’t imagine a better day, I am so stoked!”

Philip Köster didn’t just win “another event”, he won all events. Out of three wave events so far, Philip Köster won them all. 

Here are the men’s overall wave results after three events:

  • 1st - Philip Köster
  • 2nd - Ricardo Campello
  • 3rd - Kauli Seadi
  • 4th - Victor Fernandez Lopez
  • 5th - Daniel Bruch
  • 6th - Dario Ojeda
  • 7th - Thomas Traversa
  • 8th - Alex Mussolini
  • 9th - Marcilio Browne
  • 10th - Ross Williams