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Kurosh Kiani on the Falcon Slalom Board

Simmer Style and Fanatic-sponsored pro windsurfer put Fanatic’s Falcon Slalom 89, 113 and 140 boards to the test in Maui and had plenty of words of praise for the windsurf boards.

Kurosh appreciated the speed potential of the Falcon Slalom 89 as well as its acceleration. In the pro windsurfer’s own words:
“The speed potential of this board was the first thing that hit me. I had the ability to accelerate within very short distance and wasn't scared of attacking the very hard chop that we tend to get on spots like Kanaha beach here on Maui. What was the most striking was my ability to gybe with an amazing power and acceleration when hitting the buoys with the guys here. Maybe my abilities have become better, but this board has definitely help me along the way.”

What Kurosh liked about the Falcon Slalom 113 is its versatility. After using it with sails ranging from 7,0 up to 8,6, Kurosh concluded that the 113 is going to be his choice for lots of scenarios this season. In Kurosh’s own words:
“This board is all-round and leaves for so many options of tuning, while being a real machine. Again the acceleration is amazing along with the same gybing abilities as the 89. Fin wise I have used from 38-40cm fins on this board which I now have tested in anything from absolute flatwater to big swell conditions.”

The 140 is the largest of the Falcon Slaloms and what Kurosh liked about it is that it is easy to use and control, even in rough conditions. Here are Kurosh’s own words:
“Having put the board to the test in some of the roughest conditions it will ever see, I am confident that it will be charging any other water conditions in the world with style. Again, the great acceleration and easy gybing, and of course the great control is what is going to make this board the perfect light wind racing weapon.”

Kurosh concluded that the Falcon Slaloms he put to the test “give you what you need for racing, and generally a great sailing experience.”