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Kurosh Kiani: I Have Fallen in Love with the Sport Once Again

Kurosh Kiani, who back in March announced that he launched a new English version of his website, has now announced that he has once again fallen in love with windsurfing. After spending 3 weeks of down time in cold Denmark, Kiani is now in Maui, enjoying the warm weather and great windsurfing conditions.

Coming to Maui after three weeks in Denmark, Kiani said, was a revelation: “I feel like I have fallen in love with the sport once again, and I am just thinking of the next day when I get back to the house, a feeling I haven’t had for a long time. And after I have been windsurfing and come back to the beach, something strange happens. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older, but every time I get up from the water, I see a Phil McGain (windsurfing legend) sitting on my shoulder asking me if I really feel if I have sailed enough, and off I go into the water again to windsurf myself all the way down, or head off to the gym.”

Kiani went on to say that he’s not thinking about competitions and results right now and that he’s very excited about having some great sails and boards to sail on.