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Kurosh Kiani's Site Now Available in English

If you are in the public eye it is a good idea to have a personal site or blog and stay in touch with your fans. Danish pro windsurfer Kurosh Kiani was certainly aware of this fact otherwise he wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of setting up his website. The problem with his site is that it used to be available in Danish only.

Until now English speaking fans of the surfer could not stay up to date on what he’s doing, not by following his all Danish site. Now they can stay up to date because Kiani launched a new site that is available in English; the site in question is available at To my mind, this is a good choice for one simple reason: a lot more people know English.

“After a very long time of thinking and requests from my non Danish friends, I have taken the decision to launch my site in English to be able to share my stories and experiences from across the globe with the whole world instead of just the Danish Kingdom. Basically its my whole Danish site translated into English,” commented Kiani. The pro rider went on to say that he will continue to maintain his Danish site and that he'll probably post more blog updates on the Danish site than on the English one.

So if you would like to check out Kiani’s latest stories, see some cool photos and videos, check out Kiani’s site at