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Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012: The Windsurfing Records

Kiteboarders have taken over the scene of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge. They will do their best to set new speed sailing records and dethrone their fellow windsurfers, but they will not have an easy task. Windsurfers did great this year. Antoine Albeau practically stormed Namibia, setting a new speed windsurfing record of 52.05 knots. He was the only windsurfer to reach 52 knots.

But the Namibian speed strip was the perfect venue for all speed sailing addicts present in the windsurfing battle of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge. Apart from Antoine Albeau, six more riders entered the 50 knots speed windsurfing club, that special club dedicated to speed sailors who broke the 50 knots barrier. Bringdal, Van der Noord, Dunkerbeck, Diethelm, Vardalachos and Bordes are those riders.

But let’s take a look at the other records set by windsurfers at this year’s Luderitz Speed Challenge:

Antoine Albeau - 52.05 knots - New World Speed Windsurfing Record
Anders Bringdal - 51.45 knots - New Swedish and Production Speed Record
Jurjen Van der Noord - 51.26 knots - New Dutch Speed Record
Bjorn Dunkerbeck - 51.09 knots - New Swiss Speed Record
Nikolaos Vardalachos - 50.56 knots - New Greek Speed Record
Patrick Diethelm - 50.49 knots - New Personal Speed Record
Cédric Bordes - 50.17 knots - New Personal Speed Record
Mark Grinnell - 49.66 knots - New South African Windsurfing Record
Farrell O'Shea - 48.82 knots - New British Speed Record
Matthias Rottcher - 47.51 knots - New Namibian Speed Record
Martin Van Meurs - 47.16 knots - New Personal Speed Windsurfing Record
Christian Bornemann - 46.75 knots - New German Speed Sailing Record
Zara Davis - 45.83 knots - New Women's Speed Windsurfing Record
Lena Erdil - 45.74 knots - New Women's Turkish Speed Record
Alberto Possati - 44.47 knots - New Italian Speed Record
Boris Vujasinovic - 44.47 knots - New Croatian Speed Record
Alexander Goncharov - 40.95 knots - New Ukrainian Speed Record