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MauiSails Presents the New Mutant Sail

Earlier this week windsurfing equipment manufacturer MauiSails presented its latest Mutant four-batten sail and said this is its most progressive wave sail yet, an ultra-low aspect ratio sail that has wind range unheard of in four-batten sails before.

With the Mutant four-batten wave sail Artur Szpunar took a big step in the evolution of high performance sailing. The Mutant is a type of board that blends together balanced power, stability, light handling, softness, great maneuverability, and extreme maneuverability. It is built from top performance yet lightweight materials, and it is built in such a way that it remains stable in a huge range of conditions.

The image above may have caught your eye and you may be thinking something along the lines “why did they go with that design?” MauiSails explained that the sail’s name and its graphics were inspired by a simple idea: a “sail should feel so light and natural it is like an evolved wing which is actually part of you.”

The abovementioned Artur Szpunar had this to comment on the Mutant sail:

“Beginning in Spring of 2011, our motivation for the first prototype was to test the shortest possible luff length that could be used for a 4.7, in the hopes it would help pull off cleaner wave 360’s by reducing rotational inertia and avoiding the dreaded ‘mast tip caught in the lip’ scenario. As it turned out, this first prototype not only possessed the desired maneuverability and clearance, but the very compact outline and low center of effort gave it tremendous wind range. We were planing early while remaining very balanced, light, and controllable even when seriously powered. Starting from the first radical effort, it took several re-cuts and new prototypes to get the tension and outline perfectly balanced, but the result is magic. The new concept has proven itself in daily wave sessions in everything from rough, monster waves with howling, gusty winds to glassy surf with wind so light and offshore that you shouldn’t be able to sail (but you still do). Feedback has been tremendous from everyone who tested the sails. The great thing is, not only do the light and middle weight wave rippers like it, but big guys like Micah are in love with a four-batten for the first time too.”