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The Penguin: First iPad 2 Won, another One to Follow

Earlier this week we were reporting that the Cold Hawaii Penguin, as part of the KIA @coldhawaii High Score competition, gave Facebook fans the chance to win an iPad 2. The competition went something like this: guess the score and the trick that wins the single elimination at the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup, and you can win an awesome iPad 2.

The news is that the Penguin announced the winner of the High Score competition. The one who was lucky enough to guess the winning trick and its score is, drum rolls please, Romain Sibois. Congratulations on behalf of everyone here at Epikoo! Hope the first thing Romain does is get some nice windsurfing apps for his brand new iPad 2.

The Penguin has another iPad 2 to offer, so if you did not win the first time around, perhaps the second time you’ll be luckier. To enter the sweepstakes just visit this page and enter your email address – that’s if you already took part in the High Score competition. If you didn’t, you’ll have to like KIA Motors Denmark first, then enter your email address.

The Penguin will give out a second iPad 2 in honor of the King of KIA contest that will take place sometime in the next couple of days. As part of the contest, the PWA riders will pull a KIA Sportage 2011 – the goal is to see which rider can pull the car the quickest over a short distance. The contest will be broadcast live over the web.  

UPDATE: the King of KIA contest will take place on Saturday, September 17, at 12:00.