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Plasma Boardriding Announces Easter Competition Followed by Legendary Party

Plasma Boardriding, the clothing label and company created by pro windsurfer Robert Sand, has announced that it will host a surfing contest in Klitmøller (that’s in northern Denmark) this Easter. Entitled Plasma Spring Sessions, it is a three day event that will take place anywhere in the Klitmøller area. Alongside Plasma, the event is supported by Norden Surfboards,, Von Zipper, FCS, Kustom and Headhunter.

If you would like to take part in the event, you will have to enter via, then register between 7.00 and 8.00, at the NASA clubhouse, on Saturday morning. The location of the competition site will be made public at 8.00 and the competition will start at 9.30 (hopefully). For additional information on the competition you are well advised keep an eye on Plasma’s Facebook page as this is will be the primary tool for communication.

After the competition comes the fun. For the 30€ (DKK 200) entry fee you will get to try out the surfboards that Norden Surfboards will bring and you will enjoy a BBQ on Sunday. After the BBQ there will be a party and everyone can attend. Plasma said that its parties are legendary and that this one will not be an exception.

So if you want to attend a legendary party this Easter, head over to Klitmøller. Plasma will throw an exceptional one!