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Road Trippin’ with Thomas Traversa

The Road Trippin’ Series takes you on an incredible journey on the Atlantic Coast, alongside elite windsurfer Thomas Traversa, who needs no introduction. Where Thomas goes, fun and thrilling action takes place.

So, as Thomas says, prepare your van, hit the road and go somewhere... then try to have fun, it usually works. And it sure works for and windsurfing fan that likes the Traversa unique style. The first episode of the Road Trippin’ series takes you on a cold and rainy wave adventure in Brittany, France.

The second episode of the series takes you all the way to Portugal, to discover how winter feels on the waves of Lisbon. You’ll also get to meet Thomas' old friend and Guincho local Francisco Fonseca and share some rides in his beautiful country.

Check out Thomas’ adventures in the related video section below and stay tuned for the third clip of the series in which you’ll visit Iceland for some more thrilling wave action.