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North Ego 2009

North Ego 2009

Sail type: Wave, Freestyle
Brand: North

The Ego from North Windsurfing is the successor of the famous Voodoo sail. The focus in building the Ego was to increase performance and reduce overall size. The concept that a compact sail is easier to control and offers more aerodynamic features is well implemented in the new design. The well balanced foil tension as well as the enhanced boom offer substantial low end power and the Ego runs fast and almost aggressively once on the water. The flattened profile combined with the new technologies like Ballanced Luff Length and Cross Batten System offers great control at high speeds or even when the sail is overpowered. Additional stability and responsive handling is added with the use of the Cutaway Clew construction. Although it is easy to rig control, North Ego is not for everyone. It is intended for the extreme wave rider who enjoys high speeds or fast turns.

To outstand all weather conditions and all possible punishment, the North Ego is constructed from resistant high quality X-ply fabrics. It is available in 3.0 to 6.3 meter sizes, and sizes 3.0 to 4.7 meters wide use a Vario top. All size models are based on a five battens configuration.

North recommends only RDM masts for this sail.