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North Ice 2010

North Ice 2010

Sail type: Wave, Freestyle
Brand: North

The North Ice is one of the most versatile and efficient freestyle and waveridindg sail in the 2010 North Windsurfing sail lineup. It is the latest version of the World Cup wave sail which had enormous success over the past years. North has paid great attention at details and performance features to develop a unique product. A slightly larger boom and an enhanced trimming system deliver awesome power for speed or acrobatic moves, while controls remain responsive and accurate. The luff curve has been optimized, as well as the foil tension and batten profiles for a rock solid stability and rigidity in all wind or wave conditions. Even when overpowered, the sail behaves predictable and the rider is completely safe. Handling is also improved by the iModular design which significantly reduces the weight and adds stability.

The North Ice is available in 3.4 to 6.2 meter sizes and smaller size models use a Vario top. All sizes are powered by a five battens configuration.

For added performance, riders can chose the North Ice HD, a version which replaces the standard monofilm fabrics with high quality ultra durable X-ply materials.