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The Adirondack Boardsailing Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1981. It has the purpose to represent the boardsailors and the boardsailors’ interests in the New York area. The ABC is a member of the United States Windsurfing Association. Since it is a non-profit association, membership is voluntary, and membership fees, as well as other donations, are used to promote windsurfing in the area, to improve windsurfing locations and organize events and competitions.

The ABC promotes recreational windsurfing as well as pro sailing. Members make trips to different locations where they train and acquire new skills. Members also have access to events, annual banquet; get discounts when joining other clubs or schools and more.

Membership requires a $20 fee for one person and $30 fee for family. The fee supports the club run its activities and promote windsurfing. On the ABC website windsurfers can find the events schedule, information regarding windsurfing and pictures from past events.