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Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung, the German Windsurfing Association is the governing authority for windsurfing in Germany. It was founded in 2003 in Flensburg with the purpose to set clear rules and regulations regarding all windsurfing classes. The DWSV has managed to organize all German windsurfing regattas under the same umbrella. The DWSV is affiliated with the German Sailing Association Regatta and represents the interests of all certified windsurfers in the country.

The DWSV regulates and promotes Olympic RS: X Class, Mistral Class, T293 Class, International Race Board Class, International Funboard Class and International Formula Windsurfing Class. Apart from windsurfing, the DWSV also promotes and supports kitesurfing in Germany.

The DWSV is responsible for the organization of local, national and international competitions and awards points to the competitors according to the established ranking system. The full events schedule, as well as news, information and documentation regarding windsurfing in Germany are available on the official DWSV website. Other available resources are rankings, regatta reports, tips and tricks and much more.

The DWSV also encourages children to start practicing windsurfing and has special projects dedicated to them.

There are three membership types available: full membership, membership for children and young people under 18 years, and honorary membership. Each membership type has several benefits.